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Your past life reading forms the blueprint of your birth chart of the present life. All past life deeds are imprinted in the horoscope and can be appropriately co-related to different positions of planets in your horoscope. This applies to both auspicious and inauspicious planets in a birth chart. This is where astrology plays a significant role through previous life readings and analyses. Your next question can be as to what is the relevance of past life reading to present life?

A person's life is a blend of shadow and sunshine. It can be believed that whatever happiness you get in the present life is due to your good deeds in the past life (s). And the sadness is the direct result of misdeed or the guilt committed by you in the past life(s). Lord Brahma determines all these good and bad deeds of the previous life and allots a specific horoscope to us. This then becomes a guiding path to our present life. So this is the relevance of past life to present life.

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