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When we are so particular about even the little choices in our life, why not spend rest of our life with someone of our choice and someone we love. Love plays very important role in person’s life. It brings the missing stability in person’s life and therefore we put our romantic relationship above everything. Getting a desired partner is still an easier thing but to convert this love into marriage is bit of a struggle. Love marriages problems are very common. Sometimes they start before getting married and sometimes after marriage. As Indian society demands, it is necessary to convince our parents about the partner we choose. Love marriages has always been difficult to be accepted in the society and hence it goes through many problems but very few survive till the end. Love marriage problem and solutions is the issues which needs speediest addressing.

The world is rapidly growing towards innovations and digitalization in every aspect. Technology is always growing, and it is coming up with better ways to target more ease in life, whether it is buying goods online or picking a suitable partner for intercaste marriage. People are now absolutely fine about the new way of lifestyle and taking more serious and critical decisions of life, based on the internet. And definitely, why not!

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