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This is the need of everyone that they need a home to live in, but if someone has the support in the family that it builds a house. For the reason the love and affection of the family is life’s greatest blessings and that will make you powerful and stronger. Like coin family has also the two sides where the love between the family members makes you the strong as well as weak also. We all have family and seen many cases all around where family people became the enemy of each other due to the reason of property, money etc. To deal with these issues there are some people who look for the family problem solution and resolve all the misunderstandings between them.

Therefore that kind of negative thing entered in the mind of members of family then a long years relation fall apart. This affected to the happy environment between members and as imagined the color of blood between relations became fade. Nowadays you hear many news where a person killed his/her sibling because of money, property, jealousy or children hurt their parents by throwing them out of house and sending them ashram because they have no time to those parents who spend their whole life for their upbringing ,education and making career.

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